After a day at sea, we arrived to find Jan Mayen shrouded in fog as it is most of the year. The decision was made to cruise along the shore to view the Norwegian Military Base and to hopefully catch a glimpse of the volcano. As we cruised along, the fog slowly started to lift, revealing more of the Island. We eventually decided to go around the other side of the island to a common landing site near the old bowhead whale bones and some army buildings at the end of the road.

We landed in a mild swell and took guests for a stroll to view the surreal scenery Jan Mayen has to offer. Stark moonscapes covered in lime green mosses characterize this place and made for a windy but very picturesque walk to a couple of viewpoints looking over the long, desolate beaches. After a nice long wander, we turned into the brisk headwind and walked back to the landing to return to the ship.