This morning, we woke up early to prepare to get on oxcarts! Each oxcart hosted two people, and we went for a stroll in the countryside to see rice fields and lotus ponds. We learned a lot about rice production and the different types of rice. We took in the beautiful scenery, and it was great fun. Everyone will remember these moments!

After this experience, we visited the Green School, where we engaged in a singing contest with the children. They were much better than us! The pupils were eager to practice their English and interact with us, and it was really rewarding. Back on the ship, the staff showed us traditional Cambodian fashion, for weddings in particular. There are thousands of ways to use and tie a Kroma, a traditional piece of checked fabric. While cruising near Phnom Penh, we were surprised to see the water separation between the Mekong and the Tonle Sap waters. Finally, in the afternoon, we visited a silk farm to learn more about Cambodian yellow silk. We enjoyed dinner with another stunning sunset!