Katakolon, Greece

Max Seigal, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor, September 2019

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  • 08 Sep 2019

Katakolon, Greece

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The sunrise was even more spectacular than usual. The sky turned pink and red while we sipped cups of coffee on deck. We were even luckier after breakfast because, while docking in Katakolon (the port of Olympia), we realized that the port housed only our ship! We must have done something great, because it is rare to be so lucky in Olympia.

The wild landscape of Olympia and blooming oleanders welcomed us. Guests asked many questions as we trained in the gymnasium and the palaestra (wrestling center), prayed at the temple, and “sacrificed” Max—the youngest male in the group—to Zeus! After our visit to the ancient archaeological site, the museum revealed its treasures. We admired the Hermes of Praxiteles, the Nike of Paionios, and the amazing pediment sculpture of the Temple of Zeus.

We returned to the ship for lunch and continue sailing south. The sails were up all afternoon, allowing us the rare treat of a visit to the ship’s engine room. Dinner in Sea Cloud’s luxurious dining room was wonderful, as always, and afterward, we attended a viewing of the classic 1929 black-and-white film, Around Cape Horn. Then we enjoyed one last drink on deck while studying the moon and stars above us.

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