Remote beaches frequently yield unique treasures. Kera Island, Indonesia is such an idyllic paradise, found in the heart of the Flores Sea. Swept by trade winds, the ocean delivers a conveyor belt of fascinating wonders from the deep sea. The Chambered Nautilus is a denizen of the dark waters beyond the reach of daylight. Feasting on benthic delights, the animal is rarely encountered alive as their happy place lies well below the reach of divers and snorkelers. Committed beach combers, however, may find these lucky gifts washed ashore on forgotten spits of sand. When the living nautilus passes away, their chambered shell fills with gases which buoys them up to the surface. Gentle winds carry them ashore, occasionally delivering pristine specimens. Holding such a treasure in our hands reminds us of the mysteries of the deep sea and our human desire to explore the remote corners of our planet.