Today, guests of National Geographic Venture were honored and privileged to be invited to the Big House at the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais Nation village of Klemtu, on the east side of Swindle Island. The caretaker, Shane, hosted us, answered our questions, and talked about life in this small native town of about 480 residents. We had many photo opportunities and visited a small museum. It was a good cultural learning experience.

We visited Green Inlet in the afternoon and explored by Zodiac and on foot. The groups on shore found a trail across the peninsula that led to a muskeg with fascinating plants. Baffle Falls is an interesting feature that flows the other direction when the tide gets high enough. The Zodiacs visited waterfalls, examined meadows for bears, and encountered a humpback whale as it repeatedly surfaced and dove, and even lunged up through a bubble net that it made by itself.