Korcula, Croatia

Max Seigal, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

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  • 29 Aug 2019

Korcula, Croatia, 8/29/2019, Sea Cloud

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Guests awoke to find that Sea Cloud was once again in Croatian waters, sailing south of the island of Korcula and east of Lastovo Island. At 8:00 that morning, sailors hit the rigging and put up a fine array of sail on a somewhat windless morning. Still, Sea Cloud made a speed of a couple knots for most of the morning. National Geographic Expert Grace Fielder gave a well-received talk on the preposterous Fourth Crusade, and once again, a cadre of Lindblad guests assisted the sailors and deckhands in bringing in the sails and in working the lines in the heat of the late morning.

By 3:00 that afternoon, Sea Cloud was at anchor in the strait between Peljesac Peninsula and the Island of Korcula. We employed the ship’s Zodiacs to take us quickly to shore for the late afternoon walking tour of this small and charming Dalmatian town, reported home to the Venetian explorer Marco Polo. After visiting the Icon Museum and one of the homes of the venerable town brotherhoods, dating back to the Middle Ages, we continued walking the narrow but breeze-cooled streets to arrive at the central square. There, we viewed the treasury of the town’s cathedral and the cathedral itself, with its fanciful gargoyle exterior ornamentation and the cool solemnity of its interior. After the tour, guests had time to peruse the shops or to continue to wander the lovely town. Some guests chose to take an independent swim from the town’s small beaches. In the early evening, we met on the elegant steps of the town’s main gate for a group photo, then walked together to a nearby auditorium for a special performance of Moreshka, a choreographed sword battle from Medieval times. Sparks did fly and the lovely princess was rescued!

Some guests chose to remain in town for dinner, though many returned to Sea Cloud for a fiery red sunset over the channel and a relaxing served dinner on deck, followed by an after-dinner stargazing session. Guests returned to the ship as late as 11:00 at night, after a full and memorable Adriatic day.

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