A cool, bright morning greeted us in Hanus Bay, with welcome sunshine illuminating a pair of Sitka deer nosing along the shoreline at low tide. We boated ashore, and we offered hikes according to anyone’s preference. Some guests opted for a casual exploration near the landing site, while others chose to take an aerobic jaunt of several miles along the ever-changing forest path; traversing a tidal lagoon, high banks along the river, and a mosaic of forest landscapes up to Lake Eva. Throughout the afternoon we explored the waterways of Chatham and Peril Straits, sighting humpback whales in the distance.

For the last evening of this remarkable trip we traversed Sergius Narrows. We carefully timed our transit for slack tide, and during dinner we were accompanied by a brown bear foraging in a shoreside meadow. The voyage slideshow wrapped up a great evening, shared with all our newfound friends and travel companions — what an appreciation we have gained in seeing this incredible coast through so many eyes and perspectives.