Laughing Bird and Silk Cayes, Belize
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 07 Feb 2022

Laughing Bird and Silk Cayes, Belize, 2/7/2022, National Geographic Sea Lion

  • Aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion
  • Belize & Guatemala

This morning, we awoke as the ship cruised to Laughing Bird Caye. This national park is named for the laughing gulls that make themselves heard from just about anywhere onshore. In the morning, we motored ashore the small 1.8-acre white sand paradise where we relaxed, kayaked and snorkeled. Laughing Bird Caye is unique not only for its national park protections but also for its active coral restoration zone. After a thorough exploration of the reef, we got back on the ship to reposition to the Silk Cayes. These “islands” are mostly beautiful reefs with a pile of protected sand in the middle, with hardly a palm tree supported. Local lobster fisherman were cleaning their catch in the shallow sandy bottom, and we were treated to a feeding frenzy of rays, turtles and sharks, all eager to pick up scraps discarded by the fisherman. After snorkeling, we swam ashore to bask in the sun and drink cocktails. It was the perfect end to an ocean-filled day.

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