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Le Conte Glacier Area and Petersburg
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 08 Aug 2019

Le Conte Glacier Area and Petersburg

  • Aboard the National Geographic Quest
  • Alaska

The day began in the area of the Le Conte glacier which emanates from the Stikine Ice Field. Calving events produce icebergs of great girth which get “caught” on the moraine approximately eight miles from the face of the glacier. Early in the morning there was sporadic sunshine that brought light to the gorgeous ephemeral ice sculptures.

The rain moved in and the mist swirled around the mature forest. Tendrils of the fog and cloud wrapped around the mountains and valleys evoking a scene so commonly cherished to those visiting Southeast Alaska. After the morning’s adventures we had brunch and made decisions about what to do in Petersburg. Flightseeing was on the agenda for a few, some people chose to walk around the dock area and explore the fishing fleet while others went on a photographic expedition.

Another group trekked up a small hill to the Nature Boardwalk Trail at the muskeg. Everyone in attendance learned about the variety of plants that are hearty enough to survive in this challenging ecosystem. Eagles landed on a tall tree and distracted everyone from the tiny and carnivorous Great Sundews for a few minutes. No matter which activity people chose on this hot and sunny day in Petersburg they enjoyed the Norwegian Viking flare that the town celebrates.

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