Today, we finally woke up to a beautiful, moody Southeast Alaska morning. Cloud cover settled gently along the treetops as we made our anchorage in LeConte Bay. This place gives us an amazing opportunity to cruise around icebergs that come off of LeConte Glacier. Due to a shallow sandbar at low tide, these bergs become beached. This gives us the chance to observe these natural art exhibits much closer than we could if they were still afloat.

We eagerly set out in Zodiacs and were quickly greeted by deep glacial blue icebergs. It’s tough to put into words the feeling of observing the beauty that is ice. I truly believe that people come to Alaska for the wildlife, but will come back for the ice. These ever changing and unique pieces of history are so breathtaking and photogenic that from every angle there is a story to be told.

We were able to get on land and actually walk up and touch a beached iceberg, which was such a special experience. The snow that fell to create this glacier would have drifted to earth hundreds of years ago. Being able to touch and even taste history was amazing. After some amazing photographic opportunities, we headed back to the ship for a delicious brunch.

Upon docking in Petersburg, we had the choice of bike tours, muskeg walks, dock tours, and some brave adventurers went flightseeing over LeConte Glacier. It truly was a remarkable day with the icing on top being a beautiful Southeast Alaskan sunset as we sailed towards Tracy Arm for our final day.