Today, our wonderful National Geographic Explorer transited through the Lemaire Channel, a narrow gap of water that runs for approximately seven miles between the Antarctic Peninsula and Booth Island, a large and rugged outcrop of rocky terrain. It is a stunning area to cruise through, and the dramatic, glacier-covered mountains make it almost impossible to take a bad photo.


After cruising through the Lemaire Channel, we landed on a beach and small, rocky outcrop on the shore of the stunning Neko Harbour. The scene was backed by towering peaks and surrounded by heavily crevassed glaciers that regularly calve, producing impressive sounds that echo in the shallow waters of the bay and send chills down your back. This was our first continental landing of the voyage, and many guests were eager to set foot on the seventh continent. On land, gentoo penguins and their chicks greeted us on the rocky and snowy slopes. On the water, guests were able to enjoy a Zodiac cruise amongst the bay’s impressive icebergs.