Lemaire Channel, Yalour Islands & Paradise Bay
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  • 05 Dec 2019

Lemaire Channel, Yalour Islands & Paradise Bay, 12/5/2019, National Geographic Explorer

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  • Antarctica

This morning we navigated through the seven-mile long Lemaire Channel, a narrow and absolutely stunning passage past towering mountains, glaciers, and icebergs. When we arrived at the Yalour Islands, we paddled kayaks through glassy water and brash ice. Zodiacs cruised around the low, rocky islets, where Adélie penguins were nesting on patches of bare rock. Upon returning to the ship, nearly 60 brave guests did the polar plunge—they jumped into the icy Antarctic water (and quickly got out!) Under clear skies in Paradise Bay, we had glorious views from a snowy hilltop, then we sat on our rears and slid downhill—a very fun ride! After dinner, the twilight seemed to last forever as white mountains glowed under magical light.

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