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Find out why our alliance means a richer travel experience for you

Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic have joined forces to further inspire the world through expedition travel.

The mission statement reads: Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic have joined forces to further inspire the world through expedition travel. Our collaboration in exploration, research, technology, and conservation provides extraordinary travel experiences and disseminates geographic knowledge around the globe.

But the human motives underlying the alliance between the two companies, forged in 2004 are simpler: hero worship, and the human genetic drive to head out in ships and discover new things.

Sven Lindblad regarded his explorer father as a hero, and was enthralled by National Geographic magazine, the National Geographic Society, and its roster of Explorers past and current. At National Geographic, there is simply no one who does not love the idea of exploring the world and knowing its wonders, or having a fleet of ships to do it with. So, the alliance was a natural—and creates a wonderful proposition for today’s travelers.

Now, thanks to the Lindblad-National Geographic alliance, you can sail aboard the National Geographic fleet to the planet’s most extraordinary places in the company of world-renowned scientists, naturalists, educators, and researchers, and explore stunning natural environments alongside skilled specialists using state-of-the-art exploration tools.

Partners in conservation

Travelers inspired by the people, beauty, and fragility of the places they explore often seek to contribute to preserving that wildness and culture. To that end, the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund was created to support projects in the regions visited by the Lindblad-National Geographic fleet, and beyond. Funding for this work comes from shipboard travelers with 100% of their contributions going to local projects and Lindblad and the National Geographic Society covers all operating costs.

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Partners in Exploration

I would say there’s no better way to see the world than with Lindblad and National Geographic. Learn about conservation, learn about culture, learn about nature. And I think what we see is when they come back they have a whole new passion for our planet and its people.

Jean Case, National Geographic Society's Chairman of the Board of Trustees