This morning, guests on board National Geographic Sea Lion awoke to cool temperatures and clear skies in the calm waters at Cape Eleuthera Marina. After another wonderful breakfast prepared by our amazing Galley staff, all left the ship anticipating new adventures. The first stop was at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve where the guests learned about medicinal plants, mangroves, and a history of food plants brought into the Bahamas. A stop at Governor’s Harbour for lunch at Buccaneer’s Restaurant and a walk about town wrapped up the morning.

The Bahamas are famous for sinkholes, both on land and in the sea. Bahamians call these sinkholes blue holes, ocean holes, or boiling holes. This afternoon, the guests had the opportunity to experience an “Ocean Hole” and a Bahamian “pink sand” beach before arriving back on the ship. Back in the marina, a few birders ventured out on a nearby trail while others had a chance to observe a number of sharks looking for a free meal at the fish cleaning station.

Cocktail hour and a bonfire on Sunset Beach made for happy travelers and a perfect way to end the day.