During our second day on this journey south, the ocean surprised us with calm seas as we finished crossing the Drake. Our morning was spent learning about the penguins of Antarctica and the protocols we need to follow while traveling in this majestic place. Each passenger brought personal items to be inspected and cleaned by the staff, who made sure there were not any unwelcome travelers, such as seeds or contaminants, on mittens, boots, or pants.

After lunch, the ship was ready to disembark for our first landing. We visited D’Hainaut Island in Mikkelsen Harbor. We observed many gentoo penguin colonies, an Argentine refuge hut, and various artifacts from the whaling industry. As soon as guests exited the Zodiacs, they were welcomed by a fantastic display of whalebones along the shore. On their way to the landing site, guests observed swimming gentoo penguins and feeding Antarctic terns. Our overall feelings were anticipation and excitement for the next adventure. Today’s landing simply increased guests’ appetite to see more of Antarctica. Luckily, we have many more days on the water!