Today was the day we visited the beautiful Monkey River Village. This village was once a town with a population of over 2000. In 1981, it lost its township due to people migrating out to other parts of Belize for work. Now the population living in the village is about 250 people.

It was an overcast morning from the start, but the birds and other wildlife were still out doing what they normally do. Our local guide from Monkey River came on board our Zodiac and shared with us the interpretation of the river, as well as the natural history of the area.

After the beautiful morning on Monkey River, we were rewarded with a delicious brunch. We repositioned National Geographic Sea Lion close to Placencia Lagoon. Our explorers enjoyed the activities, kayaking and Zodiac cruses.  Kayaking gave us the opportunity to get closer to whatever the mangroves and everything that can be found in and around them. The Zodiac was a great way to see the many other areas of the lagoon.

At the end of all our lovely activities, locals played cultural music known as Punta music for us.  The Garifuna Collective Group gave us an evening that will long remain in our memories.

The day was full of many cultural and beautiful environmental aspects of what Belize is all about. Let us see what tomorrow brings!