Overnight, we navigated across the Rio de la Plata, or River Plate, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay just before lunch. The River Plate is a massive estuary formed by the confluence of the Uruguay and Paraná Rivers. Spanning over 140 kilometers, it is considered the widest estuary in the world. Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay and its largest city with over 1.3 million people, was founded by the Spanish in 1724. This vital and thriving port city is considered to offer the highest quality of life in South America. The city boasts a rich and diverse cultural scene, as well as many unique architectural features.

Today our guests took a tour of the city by motor coach, making several stops along the way to appreciate what the city offers. Later in the afternoon, we visited Bodega Bouza Winery. We enjoyed a tasting of their regional wine specialties paired with elegant tapas. A very pleasant way to enjoy the vibrant culture of Montevideo and the pampas region of South America.

In the evening, we gathered in the Ice Lounge to celebrate the beginning of our expedition with Captain Aaron Wood’s welcome cocktail and dinner reception.