Nordenfjorden, Norway
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  • 08 Sep 2022

Nordenfjorden, Norway, 9/8/2022, National Geographic Endurance

  • Aboard the National Geographic Endurance
  • Greenland

During the night National Geographic Endurance sailed along the long Nordenfjorden and in the morning stopped some distance from the fjord’s end. Today was our last day within the mainland of Norway and it was full of wonderful events. The scenery was gorgeous – blue sky, vertical cliffs plunging into calm blue water, steep slopes covered with birch forest and, in the distance, an edge of a glacier covering the top of the mountains.

After breakfast, the guests had a choice of long and medium walks, a photo walk, and kayaking. There were no trails in the area and we had to bushwhack our way to higher points for breathtaking views over surrounding mountains, fjords, and distant glaciers. The medium and photo walkers were able to switch with kayakers mid-morning and enjoy both activities before the lunch.

During lunch, the captain brought us to the end of the fjord. We came closer to the glacier and enjoyed the changing view of cliffs, slopes, and waterfalls. After lunch, we cruised along these cliffs in Zodiacs. Curious but apprehensive harbor seals surfaced here and there, watching us from a distance. The water was so clear and the cliffs were so vertical that guests were able to spot sea urchins, sea stars and other bottom-dwellers underwater. Zodiacs approached waterfalls within the sprinkling zone and, in a small secluded fjord, guests were delightfully surprised by a hotel staff Zodiac serving a selection of drinks.

After the recap and dinner (excellent as always), the guests were invited to watch the Aurora Borealis, which was getting brighter and more colorful as the night progressed. Tomorrow will be a day at sea, so many guests stayed late to view the spectacle in the sky.

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