We are so happy to celebrate the New Year aboard National Geographic Endeavour II. After breakfast, we visited North Seymour, one of the most extraordinary islands to view seabirds. To our surprise, we also found land iguanas basking on lava rocks and feeding on bushes. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to observe the ecological naivety of Galapagos animals. This is a particularly attractive quality for photographers, who had a blast taking photos of frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies, and sea lions.

In the afternoon, we went deep water snorkeling off Rabida Island. We observed razor surgeonfish, king angelfish and a few species of damselfish. We also went for a walk to explore Rabida, where we found Galapagos sea lions basking on the beach. The lights and colors of the island offered unique moments to photograph the magnificent landscape or to contemplate as we wandered. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the beach as we ended our first day of exploration.