This morning, National Geographic Islander anchored at the south of North Seymour Island. We enjoyed an early nature walk to see colonies of different species of seabirds and the unique Galapagos land iguana. The highlight of our excursion was probably the mating performance of the blue-footed boobies. We also enjoyed a very close view of male frigatebirds with their red gular pouches inflated.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed an amazing time snorkeling off the red sandy beach of Rabida. The sea lions were very playful. We saw a variety of fish around the rock reef, including whitetip reef sharks and a diamond stingray. After this, we took advantage of the light during the golden hour. We walked along the shore of this amazing place and witnessed a feeding frenzy as brown pelicans and boobies plunged for fish. In addition, some guests went kayaking along the coast to observe and enjoy the wildlife and the impressive geological features in this area.