We set out in the skiffs before sunrise this morning, eager to get to the mirrored waters of the Pacaya River. Red howler monkeys, pink river dolphins, and three-toed sloths greeted us along the way. Soon, we tied off to shore and enjoyed an amazing breakfast as we floated under a tree full of hoatzins in the bush and waited for the fog to lift. Incredible animals and reflections in the water kept us happy throughout the morning, and soon we were jumping into the river for a swim to cool down. Pink dolphins surrounded us in the water! Hundreds of neotropical cormorants decorated the trees above, and we all felt pretty darn lucky to be where we were. After lunch and a photo talk on board, we set out again in the skiffs in the late afternoon. We watched local fishermen haul a net into their canoe before exploring the riverbank of the larger Ucayali River, ending our exploration in the city of Requena and watching children play soccer and volleyball on the beach. Another wonderful day here in the Amazon!