Palouse and Snake Rivers
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  • 08 Apr 2022

Palouse and Snake Rivers, 4/8/2022, National Geographic Sea Bird

  • Aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird
  • Pacific Northwest

Sailing into the confluence of the Palouse River and the Snake River, guests were greeted by the majestic Joso Bridge. The bridge is over 3,900 feet long, and it was built in 1912 for the Great Northern Railway.

After breakfast, expert National Geographic speaker, Stephen Cunha, treated guests to an engaging talk on The Salmon Story.

As National Geographic Sea Bird anchored mid-channel in the Snake River, we took Zodiacs to Lion’s State Park. Some guests visited the impressive Palouse Falls, which crash down over 200 feet. Others cruised up the Palouse River to see the Marmes Rock Shelter and the geological features of Palouse River Canyon, carved out by the Missoula Floods some 15,000 years ago.

Guests returned to National Geographic Sea Bird for lunch. After this, they returned to the remarkable Palouse Falls and cruised up the Palouse River confluence. Guests were treated to the antics of yellow-bellied marmots, ravens, and great blue herons.

Returning from the falls and Palouse River Canyon, guests kayaked around the inlet at Lyon’s Ferry State Park. Some hiked around the jetty where they found a rat snake and spied on a bonded pair of bald eagles busy constructing their nest.

Guests finished their epic day at Palouse River and Falls with cocktails, a lively recap, and an evening presentation by Linda Burback, Animal Tracks.

Photographers: Patrick MacQuarrie, River Expert; Linda Burback, Photo Instructor; Tom Lukens, River Doc

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