Good morning aboard the National Geographic Quest. A heavy fog blankets our approach to Petersburg this morning. The guttural bawling of Steller sea lions from the channel marker indicates our course is true, and the “geeb geeb geeb” of Bonaparte’s gulls guide us into the dock.

Harbor tours reveal an active fishery as tenders returned to canneries to offload their catches, and sea lions took salmon from Wrangell Narrows. Bike riders toured the outer environments of Petersburg via pedal power, and hikers explored the local muskeg.

Midday finds us repositioning to the LeConte Glacier region where our Zodiac fleet explores the fjord system and icebergs calved from the glacier. Rorschach interpretations of the ice formations offer insight into the minds of the naturalists and guests alike.

The recap of the day, during evening cocktails and kelp salsa, finds many a happy face as folks share impressions of what they’ve seen.