Petermann Island and Booth Island
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 10 Feb 2020

Petermann Island and Booth Island, 2/10/2020, National Geographic Explorer

  • Aboard the National Geographic Explorer
  • Antarctica

Our time and efforts were dedicated to penguins today! We saw many gentoos and Adélies and spotted a few chinstraps here and there during our visits to both Petermann and Booth Islands. At Petermann Island, we walked from the very cove Jean-Baptiste Charcot overwintered in with his ship Pourquoi Pas in 1909. Historical monuments and cairns added to the already fascinating site, full of gentoo parents tending to the growing chicks.

During cruises at Booth Island, some of us encountered leopard seals in the ice and many of us got up close and personal with plenty of crabeater seals swimming together in large groups or snoozing on ice.

We closed the day with some mulled wine on the bow and a trip north through the famous Lemaire Channel.

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