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  • 05 Sep 2019


  • Aboard the National Geographic Quest
  • Alaska

Swaddled in a blanket of fog, the tranquil town of Petersburg welcomed us early in the morning. The harbor was full of fishing boats of all sights and splendor. Fishing certainly drives the town, and we witnessed it first thing in the morning with fishermen packaging their catch at the port. Walking into town, the streets were bustling with the locals opening shop, going for walks, and grabbing breakfast and coffee at local eateries. Petersburg’s Norwegian heritage is on full display with flags, Viking ships, and Norwegian street names decorating the town. The residents were all smiles as they greeted us; it is clear that they take pride in their home.

Our morning in Petersburg had a lot to offer. Guests had the choice to bike around town or go for muskeg, town, and dock walks. Barely able to see in front of us because of the fog, some of the activities of the day were in question like flightseeing over the surrounding ice fields and glaciers. Fortunately, the sun burned up the fog by late morning. Lo and behold, the magnificent snowcapped peaks of the Stikine Icecap shocked and amazed us. As a result, a few guests had the opportunities to take to the sky with up close aerial sights of the LeConte Glacier, Devil’s Thumb, and Stikine River.

Amy and Rachel, our underwater specialists, invited guests to watch them operate remote operated drones along the dock. They captured fantastic footage of the colorful underwater life directly beneath the docks of Petersburg. The visit to Petersburg was short albeit memorable. As we began to cruise towards Misty Fjords, we ate to our heart’s desire with a dinner crab feast!

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