Petersburg, Mitkof Island and Kupernof Island

Sean Neilson, Naturalist

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 29 Jul 2021

Petersburg, Mitkof Island and Kupernof Island , 7/29/2021, National Geographic Quest

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  • Alaska

Our sail into Petersburg this morning was spent enjoying the beautiful sunshine on the bow. Sea lions piled high on the channel markers. Gulls—mew, Bonaparte, and glaucous-winged— greeted us. Petersburg was established in 1890, when a Norwegian entrepreneur named Peter Bushman came to the area and had the brilliant idea to pack the fish he caught on glacial ice calved off the LeConte Glacier for shipping to people in the lower 48. Across the waterway from Petersburg, Kupernof Island is home to a bog ecosystem called a muskeg. There are many unique things found here, including the sundew, a carnivorous plant. Today, mountain hikes, muskeg walks, harbor tours by Zodiac, and biking around Mitkof Island allowed us to experience all that Petersburg has to offer, while admiring its small town charm.


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