Our early breakfast started us off for a full day of exploration. Some guests chose to go to perhaps the most significant archaeological site in the Roman World. We boarded coaches and made our way to the site. We walked through just a portion of the site as it is impossible to do in just one day. There are always new discoveries waiting around every corner. Our guides told us about the people and the sophistication that they had for their time with water piping, sliding doors, restaurants, and architecture. The visit was fascinating and full of incredible finds. As the sun got hotter, we reboarded our buses and headed back to the ship for a delightful lunch.

In the afternoon, we made our way up to Ravello, a quaint town that overlooks the Amalfi Coast. We enjoyed a scenic drive up and then disembarked our coaches. We headed to the Piazza Duomo, the main square, where our guides gave us a brief history before we made our way to the renowned 13th century palace of Villa Rufolo. Looking over the terrace gardens and spectacular views, it was easy to see why this place has been an inspiration to many writers and artists throughout the years. After some free time in town, we headed back to Sea Cloud for a buffet dinner with freshly caught yellow fin tuna as we sailed off the dock, heading for our next destination, Amalfi.