We began the day early in the morning with a lovely breakfast. We sailed into the port city and boarded a variety of coaches for the first adventures of our expedition.

The Church of St. Francis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was a popular choice. One of the most visited sites in Porto, the church is a Baroque masterpiece with ornate, gilded wood sculptures and magnificent architecture. In addition to the church, we walked around the old town and saw historic houses, intriguing alleys, and many boats on the river.

A tour of Lello Bookstore gave us the chance to see the beautiful interior of the incredible bookstore that has been said to inspire the Harry Potter books. Rowling denied this several times, but she was in Porto before writing the books. After visiting the bookstore and observing local students wearing robes, I can certainly see resemblances to the books, but who really knows?

We visited the very ornate Stock Exchange in which Gustave Eiffel had an office. The final tour on offer and the most popular of the day was a port wine tasting