We woke to a calm, crisp, and clear morning. National Geographic Venture was anchored in Cougar Bay, a small inlet off Princess Royal Channel on the Inside Passage, a marine highway that traverses the wild coast of British Columbia. My day as the Wellness Specialist began outdoors on our spacious sundeck, where I led a gentle early morning stretch class for guests to limber up their muscles for the day ahead. After breakfast, I joined the rest of the field staff team on the bow, aiming our binoculars towards the shore and out to sea in search of terrestrial and marine wildlife. To everyone’s delight, our patience and diligence were rewarded by the thrilling sites of whale blows and the unmistakable dorsal fins of a pod of killer whales passing by. We were excited to see a solo humpback appear. The whale fed in the nutrient rich waters along this pristine coastline. What an amazing marine mammal encounter to start our day.

Massage therapy is another of my roles on the ship, and it can be a challenge to find time between activities for guest bookings. As we cruised the shoreline looking for wildlife this afternoon, it was a good time to offer this service. The treatment room is a beautiful, tranquil space with two big windows that offer lovely views to the outdoors. As I worked, I happened to look out as more killer whales swam nearby. I was reminded what a great ‘office’ I have. As the beautiful day came to an end, I chatted with guests at cocktail hour and then watched from the bow as the sun set behind high coastal peaks, throwing glistening rays of light across the calm sea. I can’t wait to discover what tomorrow will bring.