We had an amazing morning at Puerto Profundo. The weather kept us on our toes because we had all four seasons in any given moment. Two rounds of Zodiac cruises gave the weather ample time to confuse us and delight us. We had sleet, hail, snow, rain, sunshine, and beautiful lighting. The Zodiac rides were a wonderful delight around a maze of islands and channels with so much to see.

Lush vegetation was everywhere. Blooming chilco fuchsia, Chapico taique, and Copihue attracted the stunning hummingbird, the green-backed firecrown. Some of us even got to witness a hummingbird for the first time ever! The firecrown was even fooled by the stunning red of Andreas Alexander’s float-coat and buzzed up to us multiple times to check him out!

The islands also provided us with amazing looks at the quirky thorn-tailed rayadito and a ringed kingfisher perched in plain view for all of us to see. It was quite the birdy morning! In addition, we also had looks at an American mink as well as some Chilean dolphins and Peale’s dolphins. Puerto Profundo did not disappoint!

In the afternoon, we made land fall at a tiny but stunning beach at Bahia Isthmus. It was a small rocky beach with a thick forest of beech trees. A crested caracara perched patiently at the top of a tree for all of us to see. Many came ashore to walk across to the other bay, which was quite a squishy, fun bog walk. The photographers had a fun time exploring the island capturing beautiful scenes of flowers, birds, landscapes, and happy faces. A good time was had by all!