Lindblad Expeditions offers a good mixture of both wildlife and culture on all its expeditions, and today we immersed ourselves in a colorful community of local people on the island of Pulau Belitung. We started with a visit to a small temple in the heart of town. I must say that the highlight of my day was our visit to a large outdoor market, where shoppers could purchase anything from vegetables to fresh meat to decorations for the home. We observed stall after stall of amazingly colorful fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, and everything in between. What made this place particularly wonderful for me as a photographer was everyone’s desire to be photographed. You could hardly move to the next stall without someone asking you to make an image of them. Smiles and laughter created a bridge between our different cultures, and we truly had the opportunity to engage with the local people of Pulau Belitung. Afterward, we bordered our bus to visit a traditional house, and we enjoyed a ride across the island to a beach with incredible rock formations where our Zodiacs waited to shuttle us back to National Geographic Orion.