National Geographic Islander arrived to the northeastern point of San Cristobal Island with the first light of day. When we woke up for a stretching session on the sundeck with Steffi, our wellness specialist, we observed the towering peaks of eroded tuff cones covered in the thin mist of the morning. After breakfast, we landed at the foot of Mount Pitt. We hiked to the top of a rocky plateau that is home to several species of seabirds, including the very rare red-footed booby.

In the afternoon, we repositioned the ship around the western side of the island and anchored in front of Cerro Brujo, our visitor site for the rest of the day. Our guests enjoyed walking among sea lions on pure pulverized coralline sand. Some guests went swimming and several others joined our wellness specialist in a late afternoon stretch and meditation. It was a great way to finish the expedition.