Kura Ora all, which means greetings in the Tuamotu Islands.

We left Tahiti last night, and we spent the morning of this brilliant day at sea. When we left the harbour, we witnessed a historic event right in the Basket of Water (Papeete). The famous traditional voyaging canoe of Hawaii, “Hokulea,” arrived to the shores of Tahiti, where it was greeted by a multitude of local families.

A morning at sea was a great way for guests to spend time during their first ocean experience in French Polynesia. We relaxed until the Atoll of Rangiroa raised itself from the ocean. We spent our afternoon at the infamous Rangiroa Aquarium, where a myriad of fish and marine life presented itself.

The divers experienced an amazing coral wall, not to mention an encounter with a tiger shark. Don’t worry…they all made it back to the ship!

Snorkelers were in snorkel heaven until the call came to return to the ship. The day had come to its end in terms of guests feeling as one with the lagoon in this amazing place. The sun was setting to the west, and the sky was brilliant with colour. Guests sat on the rear deck, contemplating life and the world. They felt grateful that Lindblad Expeditions, in association with National Geographic, offered them this opportunity to connect to an amazing Polynesian cultural experience. Eventually the stars appeared.

Tomorrow is another day, as we venture on through the Tuamotus and on to the Marquesas Islands.