Today, National Geographic Islander II explored three spectacular islands at the westernmost end of the archipelago. Before sunrise we circumnavigated Roca Redonda Island, an impressive underwater volcano and a haven for hundreds of seabirds. Later in the morning we crossed the equator from north to south to reach the southern flank of Ecuador Volcano, our morning's destination. Guests were offered Zodiac rides to closely explore the volcanic shores of this enchanting location.

In the afternoon we went snorkeling and also launched the glass-bottom Zodiac. Our guests were thrilled to swim alongside numerous turtles, sea lions, and even Galapagos penguins.

After returning to the ship, we set off for a wonderful walk along the shores of Fernandina. It was a magical time of day, strolling among hundreds of marine iguanas, several groups of sea lions, and we even spotted a penguin resting on the shore.