Parting is such sweet sorrow today is our last day together, and somehow Alaska knew because the clouds gathered were crying all day. That did not stop us from doing one last grand wild Alaska adventure. We as a ship banded together to make sure all guests, staff, and crew still had fun, rain or shine. Our Global Explores got to drive Zodiacs. Our hikers followed old logging roads, noting how the forest had grown back.

The dive team went into the water for underwater images to share. Shay and I worked together to get all the gear collected and organized. The two divers and surface support team hopped into a Zodiac and drove to a rocky spit in Rodman Bay. Looking at the shoreline, there was some skepticism about a good dive in weather like this. As the divers descended into the murky depths, they found the little underwater rocky spit teeming with life. During the dive they videoed shrimp, fish, sea stars, anemones, sea cucumbers, and jellies. We made history in the Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic dive log as we were the first two people to dive in Rodman Bay.

Once everyone was back on ship and dried off, we all gathered in the galley to enjoy a delicious lunch that warmed us back up. We were greeted by a humpback whale family eating their lunch of tasty fish using the bubble-net technique to catch their prey. We lifted anchor, and we began our journey through Peril Strait towards Sitka.