Today is our last day in paradise. Though we all come from different generations and countries, we are bonded by our adventure in the Galápagos, which brings magic to our souls and mind. Traveling from one of the youngest islands, Fernandina, to one of the oldest, San Cristobal, we have experienced a journey of discovery through time.  

Today, at San Cristobal, we land on a green olivine beach. The volcanic scenery that we observe during our intense hike is spectacular. The peaks of tuff high in the sky make this site very different from what we have already observed. Punta Pitt also has impressive scenery from up above. Here, we can see the inversion layer that is keeping us cool and pleasantly comfortable for this walk. All of our senses become intensely sharp as we observe our surroundings, searching for red-footed boobies.  

Soon after, our guests enjoy some beach time during which our younger explorers learn how to drive a Zodiac. Later we reposition to Kicker Rock, an impressive tuff formation standing out massively from the shoreline. As the sun sets, we circumnavigate Kicker Rock, recalling our time here snorkeling with Galápagos sharks, turtles, fish, and friends. We are now together at the bow, celebrating life as a frigatebird flies very near us as though saying good-bye.  

Today is our last full day in the islands. We feel blessed. Not many people make it the Galápagos. Out of the 7 billion people in the world, only 163,000 a year make it here. Compare this to the 20 million a year who visit Egypt and the 12 million a year who visit Hawaii, to name a few destinations. Our expedition is now over. Life goes on, but we feel changed by our visit to this incredibly special place. Farewell, amigos.