The last full day of our expedition around the enchanted Galápagos archipielago started with an energizing  hike to the summit of a volcanic plateau at Punta Pitt. 

The first part of the hike is considered strenuous one because we have to climb up an old, eroded slope. Further along the trail, it is possible to appreciate a dreamlike volcanic landscape with large patches of bright red carpetweed (Sesuvium spp)  and  green patches of  nolana (Nolana galapagensis). Together with the golden ochre yellow of the surroundings, the landscape is a colorful and impressive mosaic. 

Instead of hiking, some guests explored San Cristobal by Zodiac. They observed many seabirds and  Galapagos sea lions on the volcanic rocky outcrops of the coastline and surrounding islets. Afterward, all our guests had the chance to take a refreshing dip in the waters of the landing beach, or they could simply relax or sunbathe. Along the beach, San Cristobal mockingbirds and lava lizards were seen, as well as many colorful Sally Lightfoot crabs. 

During lunch, we sailed towards Leon Dormido, or Kicker Rock. This magnificent eroded volcanic tuff cone offshore is one the most well-known and photographed sights in the Galapagos. Here, our guests jumped into the water at the base of the huge cliffs of Kicker Rock to snorkel among many colorful schools of fish and some sharks. Once the snorkelers came back on board, we spent the rest of the afternoon on the foredeck of the ship while circumnavigating Kicker Rock.  

The expedition may have come to an end, but the love of the Galapagos and its wonders will live on in the hearts and minds of visitors forever. Life is good!