San Cristobal Island
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  • 10 Aug 2019

San Cristobal Island , 8/10/2019, National Geographic Islander

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Today is the last day of the expedition, and we woke up right next to a beautiful tuff cone located at the very end of the northern part of San Cristobal Island. The name of this remote place is “Punta Pitt,” one of the very few places where we can find red-footed boobies. We landed on a green sparkling sand beach made out of particles of quartz and olivine, the second element being a very interesting volcanic material. Once there, we wore our shoes and started a long hike along the slope of the very impressive volcanic cone, and once above, we found the red-footed boobies, accompanied by some blue-footed boobies with their chicks and frigates as well. The landscape is very dramatic because the cone is quiet and eroded, with an elevation of about 1,200 feet. There are many points along one of the slopes with short red and green plants.

After the hike we had some time off to enjoy the beach, and some of the sea lions were playing with us and the waves. This was indeed a great morning!

In the afternoon, we visited another spectacular place with the very singular name “Wizard Hill.” This place was one of first visited by Charles Darwin back in 1835. Next to the hill lays, perhaps, one of the most beautiful white sand beaches of the islands. It is about one kilometer long, and the sand is as fine as bread flour, with sea lions and shore birds as well.

At the end of the day, we sailed very close to Kicker Rock, which is an eroded tuff cone about 250 feet high. Here we witnessed an amazing sunset with some tasty cocktails. This was a good day and a good way to end a trip.

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