San Cristobal Island
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  • 16 Nov 2019

San Cristobal Island

  • Aboard the National Geographic Islander
  • Galápagos

Today we woke up in the eastern most point of the Galapagos Archipelago, San Cristobal Island. We were in search of very peculiar birds with red feet – red-footed boobies! We began with a hike in Punta Pitt, a tuff cone mountain where red-footed boobies nest. As we hiked, we also encountered blue-footed boobies nesting right on our trail. For guests that preferred more relaxed red-footed booby watching a Zodiac ride along Punta Pitt was offered.

We’ve had another special set of days in paradise, and its ended with a beach sunset walk and a stretching session on Cerro Brujo. Here we found a white sand beach, crystal-clear water, and a resting sea lion colony. Our guests will be leaving the Galapagos tomorrow, but the Galapagos will never leave them!

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