Today was the first day of the month and our last day in paradise, an adventure that seems unreal. Traveling from Fernandina to San Cristobal islands, from the youngest and to one of the oldest in the archipelago, we had a journey of discovery through time. Even though we were from different background, today we were bonded as one. The Galapagos brought magic to our souls and mind.

On this last day, we landed on San Cristobal at a green olivine beach. The volcanic scenery we observed during our intense hike was spectacular. The peaks of tuff high in the sky made this site very different from what we have already observed. Punta Pitt also had impressive scenery from high up above. Here, we could see clear sunny sky and, occasionally, the inversion layer keeping us cool and pleasantly comfortable for this walk. We listened to our surroundings as we searched for red-footed boobies. Today, we got to see them very close.

Soon after, we had some beach time. We played with fun sea lions and observed them playing at the beach. Today was particularly special for we had a few sea lions interacting with our guests.

Later we repositioned to Cerro Brujo for our last walk over a white sandy beach and turquoise ocean that we shared with sea lions. Back on board, we passed by Kicker Rock, an impressive tuff formation jutting out of the shoreline as the sun was setting far on the horizon.

As though saying good-bye, a frigate bird flew very near us as we stood at the bow celebrating our final full day in the Galapagos. Getting to such a far place was not easy. There was deep appreciation for the several children who joined us. Today we were honored to be part of their unforgettable experience and hope one day they will help make a positive change in the world.

Farewell amigos.