We spent the last day of the expedition on San Cristobal Island, one of the oldest in the Galapagos. On a green olivine beach, we observed the volcanic scenery as we hiked to higher elevation. At Punta Pitt, we can see the inversion layer keeping us cool as we searched for red-footed boobies. We spotted many of them courting as their breeding season begins. We also saw blue-footed boobies, including a chick guarded by its dad.

Later, we repositioned to Cerro Brujo for our last walk on a white sand beach, where we played with friendly sea lions. Back on the ship, we passed by Kicker Rock, an impressive tuff formation sticking out of the shoreline as the sun set far on the horizon. On our last full day in the islands, we happily absorbed our natural surroundings and appreciated the magic of Galapagos. We also celebrated the birthday of our expedition leader, Carlos Romero. It was a festive farewell to all the new friends we have made. We came here from different backgrounds, and we leave Galapagos bonded as a group, each of us changed by this extraordinary place.