We woke up off the northern coast of San Cristobal. To start our day, we hiked up to Punta Pitt. During our expedition this week, we saw so many different species. We had not yet seen red-footed boobies, and today was our opportunity. As we walked up the hill, we could hear these colorful birds. Once we reached the highest elevation of the hike, we observed the majestic birds nesting on trees and bushes around the area. What a surprise to see so many birds doing different activities! They collected twigs for nests, kept their eggs warm, flew around, etc. The scene was astonishing. Red Galapagos carpetweed over golden, sandy terrain was a perfect contrast to the colors of the ocean and the black basaltic rocks of the imposing cliffs along the coast. It was a perfect time for group photos, and many of the guests invited naturalists to join their photos. What a fun time! This was followed by a refreshing and well-deserved break on the beach. We swam with sea lions and spotted eagle rays and different species of fish. Our time in the water was even better than expected.

We enjoyed some calm time to relax at the end of our amazing journey around this wonderful archipelago. We moved to one of the most beautiful beaches of the Galapagos Islands, Cerro Brujo. With the fine white sand under our feet, it felt like walking on flour. Galapagos sea lions also love this sensation, and many of them rested in this lovely zone. We had such a delightful experience.

For a golden finale, we enjoyed a sunset circumnavigation around a very iconic tuff formation, Kicker Rock. We soaked in all the colors of the sunset during this wonderful navigation. It was the perfect closing to an outstanding week.