We anchored at Pitt Point, off the coast of San Cristobal Island. What a fantastic landscape, with pointy hills of tuff and birds flying around the ship. After breakfast, we disembarked on the beach. The sun came out, and the beach sparkled like there were diamonds in the sand. We went uphill to the flat parts of Pitt Point, where blue-footed boobies and red-footed boobies nest. We found a couple of blue-footed boobies taking turns as they cared for the fluffiest baby bird we have ever seen. The baby rubbed its dad’s beak to get some food. We stayed a minute, watching the splendor unfold. A few feet from these birds, we found a yellow Cordia tree where five red-footed boobies roosted. We made it to the last part of the trail. From a cliff, we admired the power of the ocean as waves broke on the rocks. On our way back, we found an animal I have not seen before in this place. A Galapagos centipede walked among bushes and rocks along the side of the path. We ended our hike at the beach where guests enjoyed leisure time. At the water, some young sea lions came to say hello. Our guests enjoyed the company of sea turtles and six very playful sea lions.

In the afternoon, we moved to Cerro Brujo, a different part of San Cristobal Island. We disembarked on one of the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago. The beautiful white sand is very fine, as soft as flour. Marine iguanas sunbathed on the black basaltic rocks of the coast, Galapagos sea lions napped on the sand, and we swam in the crystal-clear, refreshing waters. We went back onboard and sailed away in the sunset as we viewed the amazing landscape of Kicker Rock. Guests enjoyed the view as they delighted in some wine. A perfect end to another perfect day.