We have reached the final full day of our expedition in the Galápagos aboard National Geographic Endeavour II. Early in the morning, we awoke off San Cristobal Island, one of the oldest islands in the archipelago and the only with fresh water. No wonder it was so often visited by explorers of the past, such as Charles Darwin during his expedition on HMS Beagle.

After breakfast we visited Punta Pitt, where we went for a hike in one of the most beautiful places on the island. The highlight of the day was seeing the tree-dwelling red-footed boobies which we had yet to see. Here, they were everywhere. We also saw blue-footed boobies nesting on the ground. The morning ended with a phenomenal experience of snorkeling among colorful fish and playful sea lions. Some guests stayed on the beach, spotting wildlife.

After lunch, we disembarked on a long coralline sandy beach to walk and swim along the coast. We visited with dozens of sea lions, part of the largest colony in Galapagos, before we returned to the ship at sunset, carrying wonderful memories of our adventure together.