Giant Tortoise Day through and through. Morning started with a visit to the rearing center operated by the Galapagos National Park Service, then a bit of free time in town exposed all our guests to the strange, yet familiar life in town. A fish market – but with a twist – a bar, buses, roads, bicycles. Then up into the highlands, into a lava tube, then a small private farm where a few known products are grown and prepared by simple means – cane sugar, molasses and hooch!

In the afternoon, we were totally focused on the giant tortoises of this land who graze their way up and down the flanks of the island in accordance to temperature and the abundance of food – in turn dependent on the rains and moisture of the year’s climate. This year we have been receiving a fair amount of rain, but nothing out of the normal. A mating pair at the end caught all our attention – and cameras were going full force!