Santa Cruz Island and Daphne Major Islet
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  • 13 Jul 2022

Santa Cruz Island and Daphne Major Islet, 7/13/2022, National Geographic Endeavour II

  • Aboard the National Geographic Endeavour II
  • Galápagos

Our morning outing was around Dragon’s Hill. This beautiful area in the northwest of Santa Cruz Island has an interesting landscape. From the shoreline, we could see all the way to the highlands. Different colored mountains offered a gorgeous contrast of the local vegetation zones. We explored the arid area, home to many Galapagos land iguanas. Walking through an incense tree and giant prickly pear forest, we encountered not only these amazing, endemic reptiles but also lots of different species of endemic and native insects and plants. Our guests had the opportunity to take great photos of the animals. Even American flamingos were seen from afar.

Back on the ship, we got ready for a snorkel along the coastal side. Visibility and temperatures were great today. Different species of fish, rays, sea stars, and, of course, sea lions were highlights of the sea exploration today. An Ecuadorian lunch was served in the dining room, and we learned about Ecuadorian cuisine and the culture of the country while we enjoyed the feast!

The afternoon was very busy. We offered different options for exploration of Borrero Bay, a beautiful mangrove area that is a nursery for different marine life species. Some people went paddleboarding or kayaking, and others enjoyed Zodiac rides so they would not miss a thing.

Right after the water activities, we had a wine tasting event while we circumnavigated Daphne Major Islet. We tried the different wines of the region and also an Ecuadorian one, which is made on the coast of Ecuador.

It’s been a very busy day, full of surprises and beautiful moments spent with great company in this unique region of the world. Everyone is having a superb time and collecting memories for life.

Photo caption and photographer: A Galapagos land iguana, alert and surrounded by the local vegetation of the arid zone. Photo by Paola Luque

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