We arrived at Cerro Dragon in the northwestern realm of Santa Cruz Island. Located in the center of the archipelago, Santa Cruz is the second largest island in the Galapagos. After breakfast, we boarded the Zodiacs. It was a lovely morning, and the outing allowed us to visit the home of the Galapagos land iguanas (Conolophus subcristatus). The yellowish-golden reptiles are one of the most emblematic creatures of the archipelago. We were able to find several of the golden reptiles in one of the visitor sites. The Galapagos National Park has put a lot of effort into controlling the number of introduced species. Galapagos land iguanas have been repatriated from the breeding center to this area for us to enjoy the successful conservation efforts of the National Park.

We also came upon a brackish water lagoon, where we found black-necked stilts, whimbrels, and a couple of flamingos looking for food.

Back on board, we got ready for an amazing snorkeling at Guy Fawkes, where we found beautiful fish and colorful marine invertebrates on the vertical wall of these islets.

Once onboard, we enjoyed an Ecuadorian lunch. Our culinary team proudly presented an array of exquisite colors and flavors for our guests to enjoy.

After a smooth navigation in the afternoon, we arrived at “Bahia Borrero,” where we explored the bay by kayak and paddleboard and looked for baby sharks in the mangrove forest. Some of us had the opportunity to visit the area on a grand Zodiac ride, and we observed nesting brown pelicans.

Just before sunset, National Geographic Endeavour II circumnavigated around Daphne Mayor Islet, a very important site for the study of the famous Darwin finches. We ended a beautiful day by relaxing at sunset. We enjoyed another special experience in paradise, and our guests will take home many memories!