Today we spent the day exploring Santa Cruz Island. We started our morning by learning more about how the first settlers lived before electricity was available on the islands, and we learned more about the coffee and sugarcane processes. This large island provides many different ecosystems, and the humid Scalesia forest is one of them. Walking around the pit craters in this endangered forest was such a unique experience, and we learned more about the endemic plants of the area. We also observed several different finch species, like the warbler finch. Afterwards, our exploration took us to Manzanillo Ranch, where we walked among giants! Giant tortoises are an iconic species in this archipelago, and we didn’t have to walk far to find them. They were everywhere! We finished our day by visiting the National Park’s giant tortoise breeding center. Afterwards, we were happy to return to our floating home and enjoy a delicious dinner in the company of our new friends.