This morning we had a pre-breakfast morning activity to explore one of the largest nesting grounds of the Pacific green sea turtles in Galapagos. For this activity we offer one group to do photography and a few groups to talk about natural history interpretation. 

Photographers stayed along the beach for photographing ghost crabs, Galapagos hawks, mockingbirds, finches, yellow warblers, and the interesting landscapes formations. On the other hand, our hikers had a chance to enter a very typical dry vegetation zone cover with endemic and native plants. One of the main attractions here was to observe the tallest incense trees in Galapagos, along with giant prickly pear cactus and singing land birds everywhere. 

To continue our journey of exploration on Santiago Island, we had to sail for about one hour onboard the National Geographic Endeavour. Once we dropped anchor in Buccaneer’s Cove, we were ready to disembark, this time with glass-bottom boaters, kayakers, and deep water snorkelers all at the same time. Some of our guests had a chance to do all three activities, as they were available at different times. 

This morning, the water was very clear and perfect for water activities. It was amazing that even our glass-bottom boaters had a chance to see sea lions and sharks without having to get wet. Meanwhile our kayakers enjoyed the beautiful geological formations in the same area. It was an intense morning of activities, full of joy and good memories. 

For the afternoon we offered two options in a different location known as Puerto Egas. The water visibility at this location was perfect and that is the reason we offer snorkeling activities off the beach. This is probably one of the few spots were you can sea turtles, sharks, rays, Galapagos sea lions, and many species of fish in the same area. 

Those not interested in water activities went for a hike along the coastal area. This hike is the only one that allowed our guests to observe both species of endemic sea lions in Galapagos, lots of migratory shore birds, tidal pools, big piles of marine iguanas, and lots of new born Galapagos sea lions, along with a beautiful sunset. 

Both groups were satisfied at the end of their day. They just could not believe how amazing and different each visitor site was.