Santiago Island

Liza Diaz Lalova, Video Chronicler, November 2019

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 28 Nov 2019

Santiago Island

  • Aboard the National Geographic Islander
  • Galápagos

We woke up today in the center of the archipelago in Santiago Island, a historically important island for pirates and buccaneers. We had an early morning start with a pre-breakfast nature and photography walk where we encountered curious juvenile Galapagos hawks. The rest of the morning was spent in the water where we kayaked, Zodiac rode and snorkeled along the dramatic coast of Buccaneer’s Cove, the very same place where Buccaneers visited between the 16- and 1700s for protection.

In the afternoon, our Captain repositioned, and anchored right in front of Egas Port. A salt mine business was started here prior to the Galapagos becoming a national park. Once this happened, its operation ceased. We ended the day with a beautiful sunset hike along the wild coast of Puerto Egas and encountered shore birds, sea birds, iguanas, crabs, and the two species of sea lions we have in the Galapagos Islands. Today was another beautiful day in paradise and we were fortunate to have experienced the tameness and magic of Galapagos wildlife!

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